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Oud Tasmani & Tafi Rose Oil Blend (Wholesale 1 KG)

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Irresistible and Heavy woody with the touch of the charming redolence Taif rose scent. It is an elegant illustrious oil blend fragrance.

Oud Tasmani oil blend lightens the confidence inside you. This scent is inspired to reflect on the spirits who strive for independence and courage in their life. Oud Tasmani is a powerful, sharp, and very strong oud smell but when it blends with a beautiful Taif rose, it will create an attractive and enchanting scent. The heavy woody accords will remain as a background for the scent and at the front will appear the aromatic scent of the Taif rose that will be covered and the blend will become very distinctive, the summit in luxury and sophistication oil blend that embodies the strength of oud mixed with the admirable magic heavy aroma of  Taif roses.

you will feel captured and enthralled by the passionate Oud Tasmani with Taif rose oil blend.It will immerse you in its attractive power!

Applying a simple drop on the skin is enough for a strong and fragrant scent all day long.

(an unusual sensual, powerfully unique)

NOTES: a combination of woody notes.

This product comes in a multiple of (500g) Alumunium oil blend bottle.

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