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Royal Oil Blend Set (5 x 6ml)

Royal Blends

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Amir Oud’s Royal Oil Blends collection offers a vast range of classic, woody, masculine and flora mixture with traditional oud oil fragrances that are unique, sophisticated, and modern.

Amir Oud oil blends stem from natural agarwood into a aromatic oil-based fragrance. Our royal oil blends are an Eastern mixture of spices that has Western touches.

The fragrance of Oud can be described as warm and woody. The scent will fill you with a great amount of need to find out the strong culture behind this exotic odor. Unsurprisingly, it comes with multifarious scents. Some are heavy and smokey, while others are fresh and sweet with a hint of curiosity.

Those who surround their aura with the Oud smell suddenly become attractive and stimulating while dispersing the energy of grace within the minds of People.

Have Amir Oud's Royal Extrait oil blends set now and enjoy the enchanting fragrance all day long.

Each Oil blend Tola vial is (6 ml | 0.2 fl. oz). Select your own combination of five oil blends scents in this valuable set.

    • Al-khaleej Blend (m):
      spices, earthy, amber with soft floral notes.
      “mesmerizing beauty”.
    • Arab Oud (u):
      Spicy and rosy tones, woody.
    • Black Stone (u):
      A woody animalic fragrance, peculiarly overpowering, that evokes a deep feeling of ancient times.
      very strong fragrance, oriental, a hint of floral overtones, with a mixture of jasmine and musk.
      “Over Powerful, Sacred“.
    • Luxor Oud (u):
      Woody and oriental Indian oud spicy notes, earthy aroma.
      “Masculine Style"
    • Million Poet (m):
      A unique delicate scent,
      Floral, oud, woody, “Distinctive”
    • Oud Incense (m):
      Powerful agarwood scent, Incense, spicy and woody.
      "Rich in Depth".
    • Royal Amber (f):
      Sweet, woody and earthy aroma, powdery and warm scent.
    • Royal Night (f):
      Citrusy, spices, woody, little sweet.
    • Sheikh Oud (f):
      Strong scent, woody, deep oud scent.
      “Masculine Woody Amber”.
    • Sun Oud (f):
      Musky warm and rich oud blend. powering woody scent.
      "Rich in Depth".

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Oil Blend 6 ml Set with a half open elegant golden box
Royal Oil Blend Set (5 x 6ml)

In stock


    Dive into the sensational and diverse Amir Oud’s Royal oil blends set & discover feminine and masculine perfume oils that match your style.

    Explore the varieties of scents, and create your own personalized oil blend wardrobe.

    Create your Royal oil blends set by selecting 5 perfume oils to complete your collection. Each oil blend bottle is (6 ml | 0.2 fl. oz) and comes with an applicator stick and an optional roll-on head.

    More Information
    TypeRoyal Blends
    TypeFragrance Oil
    Scent Type (M, F, U)Masculine, Feminine, Unisex
    Tola CapacitySet (5 x 6ml)
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